Merchandise Wanted:
  • Surplus Electronics
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Consignments
  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Store Clearances
  • Estate Sales
  • Personal Goods
  • Inventory Buyouts

Full Shipping Services
Customizable Terms

Standard Commissions
  • Less Than $500 - 40%
  • $500 to $2,500 - 30%
  • $2,500 Plus - 20%

All listing fees deducted from
sellers net remission.
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Welcome to Blue Pirate LLC surplus and consignment services. We specialize in
eBay sales, however we will utilize whichever forum will realize the best returns
for you, the customer. We offer a full suite of services designed to allow the
customer maximum tailoring of services to meet their desired level of
participation- from virtually "hands free" down to specific details. We specialize
in surplus IT equipment, but are fully capable of aiding your business in the
conversion of other surplus or unwanted equipment goods to cash.
Does your office or warehouse have piles of
surplus goods or electronic equipment?

BluePirate Surplus today and make
your IT junk pile go away!

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